Tuesday 11 February 2014

Auto retweets

Just a quick thought.
The proliferation of auto retweets on twitter. Am I alone in thinking that it is all a bit of a waste of time? I mean, if someone is using  a retweet service then doesn't that mean that they aren't actually on twitter and that they are doing something else like cleaning out the cat? And then if everybody is using a retweet service then all everyone is doing is retweeting an automated retweet of an automated retweet so nobody actually sees the retweet because everybody is cleaning out their cats! And then the auto retweet (I believe this is the case) picks out the first tweet on an account and tweets that, so my random piece of conversation gets retweeted across the globe, which happened to me just recently.....several times!
I push the thought out that auto retweets are in fact killing twitter for the author, and very soon, if this all keeps up there will be no authors actually on twitter because they have signed up to an auto retweet service! So what's the point? No bugger will actually see your tweets!
Just a thought.

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