Wednesday 25 September 2013

A French fancy - a review of One Summer in France by Bev Spicer

Bev and Carol are off to France. A break from their student days takes them across the water to inflict their own personality on our gallic neighbours. One Summer in France is a delightful memoir full of charm and humour. The writing reminds me very much of Spike Milligan (not that she was in a war, but we are talking about France here.) insomuch as the narrative paints a vivid picture and is full of well timed punchlines and one-liners. A lovely little romp which deserves a good deal more exposure - rather like Bev and Carol’s foray to the nudist beach!

Suggest best read with a chilled bottle of Chablis and a bag of chips wrapped in newspaper.

One Summer in France (prequel to 'Bunny on a Bike')

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