Thursday 14 February 2013

Review of Blue Lights and Long Nights

This particular book jogged a lot of memories for me. I joined the ambulance service just a couple of years after the author, and despite being in a different part of the country, and on a rural station, I immediately recognised the characters, the situations, and the practical jokes. Ambulance people are the same everywhere.

The easy style of writing coupled with an accurate depiction of ambulance life at that time made me wallow in nostalgia. Anyone interested in true life books should find this a must read, it is slightly sanitised for public consumption, but believe me, you get an inkling of what the bad stuff is all about. The funny stuff does happen, frequently. His colleagues? Yep, them too, all real, and those types of characters are still in the service.

All in all I enjoyed reading this immensely, and will shortly go and get the sequel.  

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